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Delao,Piti,Malee in Khunsuksa Gen 2


Here is an easy guide on how to draw hands! reblog with your results!

How to draw………….. Orz

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Happy New Year 2013

Bye Bye Dragon Year ~ <3  


Some sketches of Flutter and Dash and a random head.

Thanks a lot for every body that congratulate me in my Birthday. XD


Survival time!
C’mon, dry your tears
We’ll visit otherworldly spheres
With Simon Petrikov and Marceline
You’ll cry for 1000 years
It’s survival time.

I’d be surprised if something like this hadn’t been done already, but I think it’d be neat if they had an alternate opening like the one they did for the Fionna and Cake episode. :B

I love this pic. XD

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Little Chick Girl. lol


Someone’s going to FAPFAPFAP today =3

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